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History of Wilson County

Wilson County was formed in 1855 from Edgecombe, Johnston, Nash and Wayne counties.  It was named in honor of Louis D. Wilson, a famous member of the State Legislature from Edgecombe County.  Louis died of fever as a soldier in the Mexican War near Vera Cruz.  He was a well known benefactor of the poor of his native county.  Located in the east central part of state, Wilson County is bounded by Edgecombe, Greene, Johnston, Nash, Pitt and Wayne counties.  The first county court was ordered by legislature to be held at Benjamin Barden's store in the small village of Wilson until a courthouse could be built.  The present land area is 371.00 square miles and the 1990 population was 66,061.  Wilson is still the county seat.

The Neighbors

Map - NC/Wilson County

Edgecombe County
Greene County
Johnston County
Nash County
Pitt County
Wayne County

The The Wilson County Web Site covers everything from EMS services to e-mail addresses and contacts for many important Wilson County functions.

The The Wilson County Tourism Development Authority highlights many of the Wilson County historial items such as attractions, places to dine, places to lodge, and other items of interest.  Visit their homepage for information.

The The Wilson County Public Library welcomes everyone to Wilson County Genealogical Society meetings held there.  Visit the Library!

The The Wilson Daily Times publishes the monthly article "Family Connections" for the Wilson County Genealogical Society.  Visit their web site for everything you ever wanted to know about the news in Wilson County.

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